Install AntiVirus in BlackWin

Recommended Antivirus Exclusions for BlackWin

As you know BlackWin Contain Many Hacking Tools, So If you install antivirus, Your antivirus will damage the blackwin Tools .to solve this problem You should include the following paths For Antivirus Exclusions:

C:\Program Files\
C:\Program Files (x86)\
C:\Users\BlackWin\Documents\Private Zone\

The paths that are introduced contain a lot of malicious files, be careful

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  • Anonymous

    WTF is the purpose of the antivirus if I exclude the program files folder?

    • ebrasha

      Hi , As a professional you need to have precise control over your files

  • Mr Bangladesh

    Sir I really thankful to you about your product but if you added cobalt strike Armitage pre-installed then it will be more helpful for us.

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