Install AntiVirus in BlackWin

Recommended Antivirus Exclusions for BlackWin As you know BlackWin Contain Many Hacking Tools, So If you install antivirus, Your antivirus will damage the blackwin Tools .to solve this problem You should include the following paths For Antivirus Exclusions: C:\Program Files\ C:\Program Files (x86)\ C:\metasploit-framework\ C:\Serpico\...

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BlackWin 2.0 Release

WellCome To Our Second Release Of 2.0, BlackWin, which is available for immediate download. BlackWin 2.0 Release Information : BlackWin Passwords : Login : user : BlackWin Pass: abdal Postgresql: user : postgres Pass: abdal Metsploit DB: user : msf Pass: aKtIvtEEhPHokYQs0k0PKj7ICB3+BB/T6XPnpq3a4W8= Serpico:...

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Starting With Blackwin in Persian

In this video you will learn: Some BlackWin capabilities Install and configure BlackWin Installing and Configuring the Comodo Firewall With Our FireWall Rule (Block Windows Spying) Familiar with common commands Learn how to run a blackWin graphic scheme click to watch the video on...

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