BlackWin 3.0 Release Information :

WellCome To Your BlackWin, The third version of BlackWin has been made and ready for download which is available for immediate download.

BlackWin 3.0 Release Information :

BlackWin Passwords :

Login :
    • user : BlackWin
    • Pass: abdal
    • user : postgres
    • Pass: abdal
Metsploit DB:
    • user : msf
    • Pass: aKtIvtEEhPHokYQs0k0PKj7ICB3+BB/T6XPnpq3a4W8=
    • user : administrator
    • Pass: abdal
RDP Port :
    • 52800
Acunetix Pro :

BlackWin 3.0 Features

      • More Security
      • More Performance
      • DDOS Attacks
      • Exploitation Tools
      • Forensic
      • Hardware Hacking
      • Information Gathering
      • Multimedia
      • Network & Internet
      • Mobile Tools
      • Password Attacks
      • Programming
      • Rat & SpyWare
      • Remote Control
      • Reverse Engineering
      • Security
      • Sniffing & Spoofing
      • Utility
      • Virus Coding
      • Web Applications
      • Wireless Attacks
      • Special Command Line Engine
      • PowerFull Programing Support
      • Reporting Tools
      • Malware Analysis Tools
      • Collection Of The best Python3 and Python2 Libraries
      • Most Unix Support Command
      • Beautiful User Interface
      • More Tools Like Acunetix Enterprise Full Version And Netsparker Pro And ….
      • Improved Performance
      • User Can Define Custom Command
      • And Many Options…


BlackWin minimum System Requirements
    • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC
    • RAM: 2 GB for 64-bit
    • Hard disk space: 46 GB SSD
    • Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
    • Display: 800 x 600

Comments ( 31 )

  • mansoor

    hi , can this OS support linux and windows programs?
    if not which on ?

    • ebrasha

      hello , BlackWin based on Windows only

  • Rebelsuck

    If I want to update, do I have to reinstall it again?

    • ebrasha

      hello , Yes, but in the next version, an automatic update has been added


    When applying dark mode and light mode , apps and other settings are in combination of both black and white fonts. Is there any way to fix that?

    • ebrasha

      Hello please Update The BlackWin and select the right theme

      • msrsh

        Because of the large size of the distribution, it is not possible to re-download the next version of it, so I want to update the tools in one go without any problems because I updated the system and faced a lot of problems when opening the tools. Linux distributions are easier to update


    ببخشید من اینجا لینک دانلودی نمیبینم که بخوام دانلود کنم
    بعد اینکه میشه روی این یونیتی با جاوا اسکریپ نصب کرد

    • ebrasha

      سلام توی صفحه دانلود هست


    من می خوام داخل فایل به ظاهر بازی یک تروجان قرار بدم برای همینه که میگم میشه یونیتی با جاوا روی blackwin نصب کرد

    • ebrasha

      دوره ویروس نویسی و باج افزاز نویسی ما رو ببنید اینا رو آموزرش دادیم

  • Redhacker

    Hello bro,! Download link is not working in India. what should I do? i have to update my OS.

    • ebrasha

      Hello Dear, Please Use IDM For downloading.

  • Shams

    we wait for next version when its will come the date was of today but here again show 39 days

    • ebrasha

      We are working on a new version, wait

  • scorpion

    hello does this have auto update feature ? since your website says new version every 40 days

    • ebrasha

      We are working on a new version, wait

  • danzu

    hello sir download links are not working for black window 3.0 so when will be it solve

    • ebrasha

      Hi please download with IDM or Something like that

  • Mr.M

    Hei, after install blackwin os on my virtual box its stuck on his homepage. I can’t try to access in their login page. would you like to tell me the solution please what I do now?

    • ebrasha

      you must press CTRL + ALT + DLETE for login

  • asey


    can i install graphic card

    It contains black linux or black arch which works with the command line.

    • ebrasha

      hi you can install any VGA Driver on blackwin

  • subhankar

    latest download links you provided are not working properly… please fix this issue, i want to download latest blackwin 3 but not working anymore

    • ebrasha

      hi please check it out again

  • Hak

    آیا میتوانم بلک وین تلگرام و غیره رو نصب کنم

    • ebrasha

      سلام بله

  • Error

    should i do windows update + windows is updating the system automatically
    is there any thing wrong

    • ebrasha

      hello, Automatic update added in new version

  • swtd18

    how to connect to the internet it seems like the network adapters are disabled

    • ebrasha

      hi no need to any config, BlackWin Normally connected to the internet after plug-in your network card

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